Mary McBride, Our Mom, Our Earth Angel – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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by Molly McBride, Kevin and Sarah McBride, Erin McBride, and Christopher McBride





I believe we have many “earth angels”, but I can easily count two – my Mom and Dad. However, since it’s my Mom’s birthday in a few days, I’m going to speak about her…

My mom has always said that while we’re in Heaven, before we are born, we’re consciously looking for the parents and siblings we want, and that’s how we end up with the families that we’re in.  Well, if that’s true, then I know my siblings and I count ourselves as EXTREMELY LUCKY!

Our mom has always been there for us…  Over the years, she’s made sure that our clothes were always ironed, we had a cheering section at every sporting event, made every birthday cake by scratch, displayed our presents on Christmas morning in the way that makes you feel as if it’s the most beautiful place on earth, ensured we all attended Catholic school (regardless of how difficult it was financially) and above all, she made us feel as if we had the most loving, support system any child could have. And all she said she’s ever wanted for us is to be happy!  On her birthday, I hope she knows how much she means to us and how much we love her for being our mom, our cheerleader, our friend and our “earth angel” all these years.

I love ya lots, Mom!  Molly

From a very young age you have always told me to make sure I am thankful. Thankful for the people I’ve met, opportunities I received, and the special moments that I have in my life. You’ve said to thank my family, my friends, and above all, God. You have always spoken about signs, angels, and deeper meanings through many common experiences. Well, I can say to you; that you are to so many of us, “Our Earth Angel”. We have so many blessings in our lives and owe so many thanks, and most of it goes to you! You have always been there for us; from the first time we open our eyes and saw our “mommy”. It started from the first “great” memories to those so forgettable “worst” memories. No matter what the outcome, you were there. Always there. You wiped our tears, bandaged our cuts, and mended our broken hearts. Nobody could ever replace you! Our Earth Angel was always there, and continues to always be there. Words can’t describe how much pride and love I have in my heart for my mom.

You taught me many things over the years. Take pride in all the things I do. Treat people the way I want to be treated. Respect my elders. Yes ma’am, no sir. The list is extensive. Once again, above all else is to have faith. Faith in people, faith in the moment, and faith in God. “Everything happens for a reason” and “Never forget that God has a plan.” Well, it is clear to me that God had a plan for you too. You were given to us for so many reasons. You have always put us first in your life. You have guided us so much more than you will ever know. You have been “Our Earth Angel”. Thank you! You have always held us to a higher standard. I guess you wanted to prepare us to take on the world. At the same time, we have always tried very hard to show you that we wanted to make you proud. Some of us more than others.( i.e., Christopher on Mother’s Day!) You have taught many so many things it hard to put them into words. You taught me how to be a good man, an honest friend, and to always put my family first. You have given me so much faith, because you have so much around you at all times. Your friends all love you, your husband adores you, and your children; especially your little boy, adores you! Happy birthday to you Mom, “Our Earth Angel”! ~ Kevin

I recently looked up the definition of “angel.”  One resource described the word, angel, as having qualities such as beauty, purity, and kindliness.  When I think of an angel I instantly think of an image of God with wings and a white robe who resides in heaven.  Never do I think of angels on Earth. However, after reading this particular definition I find myself reconsidering the idea of “Angels on Earth.” In fact, I know someone who has qualities like those of an angel. My mother-in-law.

Mary McBride has a pure heart, a beautiful character, and unfailing kindness. My husband, Kevin, is who he is today because of Mrs. McBride. He understands love and sacrifice because of the steadfast example his mother provided his life. For this, I am thankful. I am so lucky to be loved in a way a girl dreams of being loved. Kevin loves me not because he was told how to love, but because his mother showed him how to love by loving her family each and every day.  Kevin once told me that when he is hurting, physically or emotionally, his mother always told him she wishes she could wear his pain for him. This is the ultimate LOVE.  A love only from an angel.  My mother in law is an angel to me.  Her love for her family and her children is indescribable. I can only thank God for bringing her and her son into my life.  She is my Earth Angel. ~ Sarah

I am the 3rd of four kids in a wonderful family, which I like to call “home.” When I think about my mom, I think of my best friend.
When I was in grade school, I remember coming home every day, popping up on the counter and talking to mom for hours about anything and everything. I remember swimming for the Roswell Rapids, and hearing my mom’s voice saying “Go! Go! Go!” every time I turned my head to take a breath.

When I was in high school, I continued to come home and have conversations on the counter with mom.  I remember cheering for basketball, football, and at competitions, and I remember mom alongside cheering with me and for me as I made it from Freshmen year to Sophomore year and then Junior year to Senior year came all too fast.

I remember driving to Auburn reminiscing on all the years past, arriving at the dorm, unpacking, and saying our bittersweet good-byes. I remember calling and talking to mom everyday about parties, sororities, class, and just experiencing the college life.

I remember going to all Christopher’s football games his Junior and Senior year, sitting in the stands with mom explaining the game to her, and reassuring her that her baby boy was not the “injured player” on the field. By his senior year, mom pretty much had the hang of the game and knew when her baby boy scored TD’s for her, pointing to her in the stands.

I remember graduating from college, accepting my first teaching job, and to this day we still share stories of our teaching days and the infamous kids.

We have shared so many stories, memories, vacations, wisdom, laughs, cries, screams, and everything in between. My earth angel has been and always will be with me through every chapter of my life. My earth angel is my mom, happy birthday mom! Thank you for all you do, and all you have taught me to do. I love you! ~ Erin

Out of all the words to describe a mother, the only one that really encompasses my mother is Angel.  She may not have wings (that we can see anyway), but is always there for her family.  She is stunning when dressed in white (her favorite color on all her children).  She is the one who packed the lunches every morning.  She is the one that made the bus schedule so we could get a better education. She emphasized manners and politness so that we understood how to be respectful.   She is the one that worried if you made the team or not. She is the one that you have to call whenever you get somewhere.  She is the one that makes you feel at home finally when she has her arms around you.  She is our mother, our angel.  I would like to say we are blessed, but even that is an uderstatement.  Most people look at a life and see a person’s body of work.  Not our mother.  We look at her life and we see 4 beautiful bodies of work.  All different in our own ways, but unified by our one great trait, Momma. ~ Christopher

And Mary’s rock, Kevin, the husband!

One thought on “Mary McBride, Our Mom, Our Earth Angel – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. WOW!!!!!! I have read and reread these passages from my children multiple times. One thing I know for sure is that I will NEVER tire of reading them. Having wiped the tears from my eyes……my HEART is so FULL…..I am finally able to put into words how LUCKY I feel to be their mother. I am a firm believer that our children, tiny souls in heaven before they enter this earth, purposefully choose their parents and siblings. To have been chosen FOUR times blows me away. Life is SO, SO blessed and God is SO good! To have been gifted with FOUR MIRACLES, and to have been able to raise them and be a part of their lives with another MIRACLE, my husband, and then, yet again the most recent MIRACLE, our one-of-a-kind daughter-in-law, Sarah, makes life so SWEET. I am and will forever be GRATEFUL!!!!!!

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