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deepak-chopra-iphone-appDr. Deepak Chopra was recently interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal.  During the show Gorran asked Deepak, “How does one become the observer when they get irritated, angered or frustrated? Can you take us through the process of how one starts observing one self to bide over that time?”

Deepak gave a very simplistic formula. “It’s an acronym called ‘stop.’ So when something bothers you…your stuck in a traffic jam, someone blows their horn at you or criticizes you… says something nasty, ‘stop.’

  • S- stop is the first step.
  • T- take three short breaths.
  • O- observe your  body… keep observing it… imagine it smiling everywhere, from your toes, to your heart…
  • P- proceed consciously with compassion.”

By practicing this simple formula- moving into our consciousness and becoming the observer we can shift from our external world into our internal world. Easy? Not so much! It’s like building a muscle. It takes time and practice.


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