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We all have moments in life that are forever etched in our consciousness. For me it was the day a young co-worker asked me on my birthday, “So, how old are you?” Never feeling that age defined my spirit I proudly responded, “Fifty.”

“Fifty. So you’re a crone.”

I could feel the hairs on my back stand at attention as the image of an old withered woman flashed across my mind. I moved closer, invading her private space and said, “A crone? Splain Lucy?”

“Being a crone is a good thing. She’s a wise woman.”

“Keep talking.”

“She’s the archetype of the Great Goddess as maiden, mother, crone. The historical connection has to do with the moon.”


“You know how the moon has three phases? Well, the waxing moon is associated with young woman, maiden phase; the full moon, the mother or let’s just say… the mature phase; and the waning moon, is the older woman or crone… connoting wisdom acquired through years of living. It’s a title to be revered and respected.”

“Aw. I like that. This whole time I thought the silver streaks in my hair had prompted this conversation.”

“No way.” She takes a step back and her eyes scan my Dorothy Hamill hairdo, then in her soft voice says, “But you know… you could always call them your wisdom highlights.”

That day I learned two things: being a crone is a title of honor and grey hairs are a sign of being extremely wise. And maybe one day I will quit slathering my hair in dye and let my wisdom shine through. Maybe!

For a great book  about our golden years you might want to check out, Jane Shinoda Bolen’s Crones Don’t Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women.





3 thoughts on “Wisdom Highlights

  1. My “so you’re a crone” story is when a young co-worker said to me “I hope I look as good as you when I’m your age.” So many feelings wash over me in the moment after hearing that. Although it was meant as a compliment (and I took it as such), it was the first time I thought of myself as “getting old.” Great post, Pattie!

    1. Age is a crazy thing. When we are young we can’t wait to look older. Then when we’re older we want to reverse the process!!!
      And for the record dear, you look amazing!!!

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