Simran Singham, Creative Visionary, Transformational Catalyst & ‘Leading Voice for the Journey of the Soul’

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header-2 (3)If were unable to tune to Joy Radio on 10.9.13 and9781590799772_p0_v1_s260x420 listen to Simran Singh’s   inspirational interview, I invite you to do so.  FANTASTIC SHOW! Simran talked about her book, Conversations with the Universe: How the World Speaks to Us revealing how repetitions, coincidence and synchronicity are part of the personal conversation from the universe; that there is a co-creative Universe Intelligence who is very involved in our experiences and continually seeking a dialogue; that a conversation is happening all the time, but we must be open to receive the messages; and  so much more. But I don’t want to give the entire interview away.

Simran went on to talk about her latest adventure, The Rebel Road Tour: A Caravan of Celebration–A One-Woman Show, 11 months in 66 cities across North America including story, humor and son in an RV with her two kids and other amazing women. “We are on a mission to help people see themselves and be inspired to connect, birth, Lighten Up and truly live. We are to be the example of being a REBEL in one’s own life so others know the way.” ~Simran Singh

And I am excited to announce that Joy Radio will be interviewing members of the The Rebel Road Tour monthly until the end of the road show. So stay tuned. There’s more exciting news coming!

Simran Singh – a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and rebel humanitarian in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality and motivation – is the award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine and hosts #1-rated, syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio – Voice America 7th Wave and The Rebel Road TV. 11:11 Media Resources, launched in 2008 are freely gifted to humanity for the purposes of enhancing conscious evolution and empowered living.

In 2013, after leaving an 18-year arranged marriage, Simran let go of everything for the ultimate experience of love, courage, commitment and trust by diving into the unknown without a plan, no desire to control it and no structure. Embarking on a 66-city road trip with her two children, Sage (12) and Krish (3), a one-woman show, round table gatherings and intimate sharing organically arose through an ’11-month, one-woman Live-streamed RV-tour around the country’ entitled The Rebel Road, with the vision of freeing people from their self-imposed limitations into living life fearlessly, boldly and in the full, passionate adventure in service to the heart’s desire to awaken the infinite possibility and creative flow that is our natural inheritance. Along the road of freedom, many began following, creating a ‘caravan of celebration’ bringing about profound connection and unity.

Globally reaching hundreds of thousands with passionate wisdom, Simran is known for providing understanding of how the world speaks to us through an ongoing conversation with the Universe. Her philosophy consists of ‘being the example of authentic and compassionate, bold experience and creative capacity’. Catalyzing profound change, Simran is a unique source of powerful expression, wisdom, vulnerability and courage that appeals young and old, in a voice which speaks the language of the heart and soul truth.

In addition to illustrating a powerful message in a 2013 Tedx Talk, Simran Singh is the author of Your Journey to Enlightenment and Conversations With the Universe. The freely gifted 11:11 resources, along with access to all of her work on her website.   




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