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I will ask myself, “Am I doing the best I can?”

When I was in college I had the pleasure of staying with my Grandmother for several months. I wouldn’t trade those times for the world. We would sit around her  kitchen table and talk for hours. One day  she shared a poem with me that my Grandfather wrote. After reading it, I immediately made a copy. His words, simple and poignant, struck a chord within. Today, I would like to share my grandfather’s words of wisdom with all of you. Enjoy, my friends.

Be good, but not too good.

A little naughty, but not too naughty.

Say a prayer if you get that way.

Say damn if it gives you consolation.


Be kind to the world always, if possible.

Yet, if you must be unkind

smash right and left

and get it over and forget it.


Smile, always smile. Have a smile ready

even though sometimes it hurts.

Grab all the happiness you can…

wherever and whenever you can.

Don’t even let a wee bit slip past you.


Live, above all things live.

Don’t simply exist.

If you are blessed enough to know

what real love is…

love with all you heart, soul and body.


Live your life so that at any hourimg166

you will be able to shake hands with yourself.

And try to accomplish at least

one thing worthwhile each day.

Then, when your nights come

you will be able to pull up the covers

and say to yourself—

“I HAVE DONE MY BEST.”           ~Charles F. Welek ll


10 thoughts on “Just for Today…

  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I’m teary-eyed, but so proud to be related to an AMAZING grandfather!
    Thanks for sending his wise, insightful words over the airwaves!

    1. Aw. Glad you liked it. Something told me to share it this morning. You know me, I listen when my intuition kicks in. Hugs, Mare.

      1. Could you send Charlie an email with this!! He loved it!! He doesn t do Facebook!! Thanks, and for the beautiful picture of your mom and precious boys!!! Can you beleive Dave is engaged!! We are so happy for them!!

      2. Also know two really know love can hurt you. But Love anyway it is worth it all. People do not Love as deeply as you and that’s okay. Just know LOVE

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