A Letter to my Son

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Robert B. Hall, Jr.Dear Bo,

It’s your mama, sweetie. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday in heaven. I can’t believe you’ve been gone for ten years, ten long years! Life hasn’t been the same without you.

How I miss your hugs, your touch! Remember when you came home from college and walked in the kitchen, picked me up and swung me in circles? I’d tell for you to put me. But, had I known then that one day those moments would exist only as a memory, I would have hung on and told you to never put me down.

How I miss talking to you! I loved our countless conversations about religion and spirituality. Especially, our heart-felt conversations while you were in treatment. Remember? You and I would sit on that big boulder by the creek, your arm wrapped around my shoulder, and we’d talk and laugh for hours. What I wouldn’t give for one more heart-filled moment on that rock! (BTW, I have that picture up on the wall—one of my all-time favs!)

How I miss your laugh and your energy, so vibrant and so electrifying! Bo, you could light a room. Sometimes it worked to your advantage and other times it backfired. But sweetie, that’s how your beautiful soul was wired. What I wouldn’t give to ride that wave once again with you!

How I miss your big heart, your unconditional love! And I can’t thank you enough for choosing me to be your mama and allowing me to share your beautiful journey on earth! God, how I wish I could hit the rewind button!

So, my sweet son, remember me as I remember you, for time can’t erase our love or the footprints you left on my heart. You are and will always be the love of my life forever. That, I promise.

Balloons coming up later, sweetie, each filled with my never-ending love for you! Celebrate you. Celebrate your life. Celebrate your goodness, your light and the beauty of your soul. My life is richer because you!

Miss you! Love you forever and always,


15 thoughts on “A Letter to my Son

  1. God bless both your souls for they will forever be together. Although I never met Bo, I feel like I have felt his love thru you and Annie.

    Sending you a Mother’s love and hugs on this very special day.

    Love you Pattie,

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