Believe by Pattie Welek HallBelieve
written and illustrated by pattie welek hallA story about the loss of a child…
a heart’s healing journey…
and the bond of a mother’s love.Price: $14.95
Creer Book by Pattie Welek HallCreer
escrito e ilustro por pattie welek hallUna historia acerca de la perdida de nino…
el viaje curativo de un corazon…
y el vinculo del amor de una madre.Price: $14.95


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Heal your heart and connect with your departed loved one.
by Jim Johans

“Believe” inspires us to open our hearts to healing the pain and emptiness left by our
departed loved ones. In her simple tale of light and love, Pattie Welek Hall brings us
face-to-face with our own doubts and fears, and helps us rise above with faith and hope.
The reader is wrapped in God’s embrace by her words of soul experience. Anyone who
has lost a child must read this story, and be reborn with the peace and spiritual radiance
emanating from these pages. Our loved ones are always with us–they will light the way– and you will believe!

“Believe” offers love, wisdom and hope.
by Linda Grimm

Dear Pattie Welek Hall, I received your book last week – it is so sweet – so lovely and tender – and your loving heart just sings through the words. I am especially amazed by your original watercolors. They are exquisite. Thank you so much for creating such an important work. I know it will make its way into the lives of so many who need to experience its love and wisdom and hope.

A Very Special Story.
Anne Drace Hess

Believe is a simple, poignant conversation between a child and an adult about a very difficult subject — death. But this simple story has a level of depth and universal appeal that transcends age. From beginning to end, it holds you in a warm and comforting embrace, surrounding you with peace, love and acceptance. Its illustrations reflect the beauty of this very special story.

Touching Tribute.
G. S.

“Believe” is a touching tribute to Hall’s son who was called to heaven well before his time.  Charmingly illustrated, the book shows the power of hope and boundless love of a mother.

Walking Away with HOPE in One’s Soul
by Mary McBride

BELIEVE is without question a “tender” read. It will pull on one’s heartstrings with every turn of the page. The reader will not only feel the mother’s pain and sorrow at having lost her child, but also the magnitude of her LOVE for him. Sweet BELIEVE will inspire HOPE in all who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Believe in Believe

Believe is the kind of story that enters your heart and soul. Within its apparently simple text resonates truth and light. It is inspirational, in the true sense of the word, and I want to thank author Pattie Welek Hall for taking her own pain from her child’s loss and weaving it into this spiritual story that will help others through their own losses. Blessings to you!

by Trudy Harris

I re-read Believe again this week and just love it.  It is written from your heart.  You speak to the pain of losing your son with such tenderness, explaining to the little one, just how it compares to the way he feels when someone or something of his, goes away.  Young mothers and fathers need to have this book on hand to ease the sadness that their children feel in times of any loss.  Blessings.