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  1. Roanoke, VA
  2. Charleston, SC
  3. St. Louis, MO




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1, 2. Johns Island (Seabrook), SC





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Download Book Club Questions

  1. In the book the author talks about the power of a mustard seed? Does faith play an important role in your life when you’re trying to overcome an obstacle? If you had walked in Pattie’s shoes, where would you have found your courage and strength to carry on?
  2. Pattie uses holy water and does energy work on her son, Casey. What lengths would you have gone to save your child?
  3. Throughout the story angels are mentioned–angels in Casey’s room, angels when Pattie does energy work on Casey, and an Earth-angel that Pattie encounters in the hotel parking lot. Do you feel the idea is far-fetched or do you believe angels and Earth-angels can and do appear during a person’s darkest hours to give hope?
  4. Describe how Casey’s siblings and parents dealt with his accident and their “new normal.”
  5. When Pattie is searching for answers she seeks out a spiritual church where she learns that Casey may have a walk-in? Have you heard of walk-ins? Do you believe walk-ins are possible? Why do you think Pattie felt comforted knowing her son had a walk-in?
  6. How do you feel about the walk-in using the baseball cap as a compass?
  7. The book is about choices. What kind of major choices did each character make and how did their choices affect their life and the lives of their loved ones?
  8. Do you feel Pattie’s dream about her son Bo was a premonition? Have you ever experienced something similar?
  9. Pattie also believes that Bo punches her in the back? What are your thoughts?
  10. Do you feel there are controversial issues discussed in the book? Who is aligned on what side of the issue? Where do you fall in that line-up?
  11. What are the implications for the future? Are they positive or negative…affirming or frightening?
  12. What have you learned after reading the memoir? Has it broadened your perspective about a difficult issue–personal, emotional, or spiritual?
  13. How would you restore magic in your life after you encountered a mother’s worst nightmare–twice?
  14. Do you feel the title of the memoir was fitting for the story? What has been your greatest dance?