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Pattie Welek Hall, host of JOY Radio

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January 27
David Brown, Jr.,  coach and author of Letters from Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity

January 8
Ann Hite,  author of Where the Souls Go, Ghosts on Black Mountain, Lowcountry Spirit,  The Storycatcher.


October 20
Bren McClain, author of One Good Mama Bone interviews Pattie Welek Hall, author of A Mother’s Dance. 

October 7
Lori Nelson Spielman, #1 international bestselling author of The Life List and her second novel Sweet Forgiveness.

August 18
Kathy Murphy, founder of the Pulpwood Queens Book Club,  with 571 chapters nationwide and chapters in 15 foreign countries. Dream Works has signed on to produce a movie about Kathy L. Murphy of East Texas.

July 22
Terri Leidich, President and Publisher of Boutique of Quality Books  and WriteLife Publishing. Terri is also the author of Family Inheritance, From a Grieving Mother’s Heart, and For a Grieving Heart.

July 15
Yvonne Perry–Author, Coach, Light Language Activator, and Workshop Facilitator.

February 11
Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D., bestselling author of Children of Now, Children of Now Evolution, artist and celebrity.

January 21
Dave Pelzer, author of eight inspirational books.
His latest book is Too Close to Me. Dave’s books have been on the Best Sellers lists for well over 13 years combined. A Child Called “It” alone has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for well over 6 years. Dave is the first author to have four #1 International Best Sellers and to have four books simultaneously on the New York Times Best Sellers List.



I’ve been so focused on completing my memoir, A MOTHER’S DANCE that I’ve had to temporarily put Joy Radio on hold. But come mid-October our calendar will be filling up. Below are some of our upcoming guests. Other bookings are in the process. Stay tuned.

February 26
Scotti Holloway, an International Spiritual teacher with a worldwide client base. She is also a certified Six Sensory Practitioner and a licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner. She has studied at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK and with Accolade Academy UK.

March 29
Ester Nicholsonauthor, teacher, speaker, entrepreneur will be our guest speaking about her latest book, SOUL RECOVERY.

May 20
Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick, author of A MATTER OF HAPPENSTANCE and her newest release GOING ON NINE.

June 4
Karla Linn Merrifield, a seven-time Pushcart-Prize nominee and National Park Artist-in-Residence.

June 11
Bette Lee Crosby,  USA Today Bestselling Author

October 15 
Patricia Sands, author of award-winning debut novel The Bridge Club, The Promise of Provence, 2014 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award in Literary Fiction and Promises To Keep, released September, 2014 . Patricia is a writer, photographer and speaker. She lives in Toronto, CA.

November 6 – 1 PM
Akemi G, author of Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose Through the Akashic Records. Originally from Japan. Now living in Oregon.

December 10
Karla Linn Merrifield: An eight-time Pushcart-Prize nominee and a National Park Artist-in-Residence, Karla Linn Merrifield has had some 400 poems appear in dozens of journals and anthologies.


February 6
Vinko Totic,
Documentary Movie Maker. His most recent documentary is The Mystery of the Bosnian Pyraminds. Ottawa, Canada. LISTEN

February 22
Deb Mangolt, Lynne Everett and Julie Smethurst, co-authors of Drink Wine and Giggle- 101 ways girlfriends can connect, have fun and be inspired.

March 6 – 12:30 p.m., EST
Sonia Choquette,
International bestselling  Hay House  Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Distinguished Intuitive Advisor. Sonia’s books have sold over a million copies worldwide including her NY Times Bestseller The Answer Is Simple…. Love Yourself, and Live Your Spirit.

March 27
Steve Piacente, author of Bella and Bootlicker.

May 3
Mary Alice Monroe, also published as Mary Alice Kruesi, is a New York Times best-selling fiction writer. Many of her novels deal with environmental issues. We will be discussing her novel Beach House Memories that refers to the plight of injured sea turtles.

May 8
Dr. Eric Pearl,  The Reconnection founder has been featured in top media including Dr. Oz, CNN and The New York Times; he has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden; and his internationally bestselling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages, has been endorsed by notables including Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer,

May 22
Jackie Lapin,  world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Practical Conscious Creation. Her newest book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifest Your Desires (Findhorn Press) follows on the heals of her No. 1 bestseller The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World.

June 6
Suzanne F. Ruff,  author of “The Reluctant Donor.”

June 26
Mary Alice Monroe, returns to talk about The Summer Girls to be released on July 2, 2013. Mary Alice is a New York Times best-selling fiction writer. 

July 17
Lori Nelson Spielman, author of The Life List to be released July 30, 2013.

July 31
April Eberhart, April Eberhardt Literary- self-described as “literary change agent.”

August 28
Mary Stewart Atwell, author of “Wild Girls.”

September 18
Daria Justyn,
Psychic Medium, Intuitive Channel, author of Angels Whisper to Us: Decoding the Messages in Daydreams. Charleston, SC.

September 25
Pam Grout,
has written 15 books, (bestselling author). E2 was released in January, 2013. She’s also a freelance writer, travel columnist, adventurer extraordinaire. Kansas.

October 9
Simran Singh
award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio-Voice America 7th Wave and The Rebel Road TV.

November 6
Kristi Reagor,
Logistical Coordinator for 11:11 Media, and 4th woman of the The Rebel Road Tour–A One Woman Show, created by Simran Singh.

November 19
Boni Lonnsburry, is the owner and CEO of Inner Art Inc and an expert on conscious creation, and the author of The Map To Our Responsive Universe–Where Dreams Really Do Come True!

December 4
We will be interviewing filmakers from Ananda  (TBA)about their recent movie release“Finding Happiness: When you change, everything changes.”

December 18
Daria Justyn, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Channel, author of Angels Whisper to Us: Decoding the Messages in Daydreams. Charleston, SC, RETURNS.



January 4
Kimberly Carroll:
Soul Coach, and former television host and producer of popular TV show “Take This House and Sell It!” Toronto, Canada.

January 11
Colleen Carroll: Environmental educator, CEO of NatureTalks and author “It’s About More Than Trees,” “Growing an Educational Garden at Your School: A Study of the Hawaii Experience,” “What is the Environment Anyway? A Study of Children’s Perceptions of the Notion of Environment,” “Look What I Grow in My Backyard: Stories from Hawaii’s Gardeners.” Hawaii

January 25
Helen Valleau: Teacher, Coach,  Co-Creator of Workshops at Hoffman Institute of Canada and Author “A Year of Possibilities.” Toronto, Canada.

February 8
Cary Bayer: Cary Bayer is a Life Coach in Florida and New York, who’s worked with Oscar-winner Alan Arkin, David Steinberg, and Quality Inns, and ran his own communications company for 18 years.  Since 2001, he has been a full-time life coach, workshop leader, columnist and author.  He writes a syndicated column, “Life 101,” as well as a column on coaching and success for Massage Today nationally; and for massage publications in 14 states. Author – “40 Days to a Happy Life.”

February 22
Joanne Cohen: Angel Communicator, Clairvoyant, Certified Medium, Channel, and Intuitive Healer. Accurate Life Purpose and Past Life Readings. Vibrational Development and Meditation Coaching, and Balancing of Your Personal Energy Field. Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, PHD. Meditating Mantis Bookstore & Giftshop. Atlanta, GA.

February 29
Kimberly Carroll:
Soul Coach, and former television host and producer of popular TV show “Take This House and Sell It!” Toronto, Canada.

March 7
Jacqueline Gum: Author “Confessions of a Corporate Slut.” Her short-story, “Haunting Tryst” was published by Bewildering Stories, an online literary magazine, 2009. She is seeking representation for “Bull Justice,” her second novel, and is actively writing her third novel, “The Flame Dame Chronicles.” Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 21
Renea Winchester
: Author, “Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author” and “In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes.” Atlanta, GA

March 28
Rosemary James,co-founder of Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, Inc. Rosemary James will discuss Faulkner-Wisdom Competition, 2012.  It opened on January 1 and the postmark deadline is May 15, 2012.

April 18
Bonnie Compton:
Child and adolescent therapist. As your parent coach, it is Bonnie’s intention to – Offer guidance to parents and caregivers as they raise their children: Empower parents to become more effective: Facilitate positive relationships between parents and children: and Support parents in their parenting journey and inspire them to find joy in the relationship with their child.

May 2
Jonetta Moyo: Certified Life and Vision Board Coach, Journal Artist and author of the upcoming book, “Heart & Goals: A Journaling and Vision Board Kit to Get to the “Heart” of What you Truly Want and create a Vision for the Life you Desire.” Atlanta, GA.

May 2
Terry Haas, HGTV. Charleston, SC.;;

June 27
‘7 Strong ‘ Authors (Jacqueline Gum, Pattie Welek Hall (host), Jackie Haugh, Bren McClain, Marney McNall, Shari Stauch, Kat Varn) talk about their experience at the 2011 Words & Music Conference, New Orleans.

July 11
Rosemary James, co-founder of Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, Inc.  and Shari Stauch, Author, President/CEO Shark Marketing Co. will speak about the 2012 Words & Music Conference in New Orleans, November 28-December 2.; and

July 18
Colette Stefan: Creator of Crystaline Vision. Regina, Sask. Canada

August 8
Brenda Lainoff: Creator of Whispering Energetic Healing. Canada

August 22
Lori Nelson Spielman: Author of THE LIFE LIST to be released summer 2013. East Lansing, MI

August 23
Howard Yoon of Ross Yoon- a literary agency in Washington, DC and Helene Atwan, director of Beacon Press, MA.

August 28
Brandy Rivers, a literary manager/producer working in both film and television at Gersh Agency and April Eberhardt, April Eberhardt Literary.

August 29
Randi Fine: Published author of two books, “Fine…ly”  and “Awaken from Life,” and the host of her own self-help podcast radio show–A Fine Time for Healing.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

September 7
Deborah Grosvenor, Grosvenor Literary Agency and Carole Desanti ,Vice President, editor at Large at Viking Penguin.

September 13
Webster Younce, Senior Editor at Free Press/Simon & Schuster and Ginny Smith Younce, senior editor at The Penguin Press.

September 27
Jacqueline St. Joan, author of MY SISTERS MADE OF LIGHT


October 8
Moira Crone, author of THE NOT YET, and Sanem Ozdural, author her debut novel of literary science fiction, LiGa.

October 11
Lucy Ferris, author of THE LOST DAUGHTER, her agent Al Zuckerman, founder of Writers House and her editor, Jackie Cantor of Berkley House.

October 18
Adam Johnson, NY Times bestselling author of THE ORPHAN MASTER’S SON.

October 24
Marie Arana, former Washington Post Book World Editor and author of CELLOPHANE and LIMA NIGHTS.

October 30
Rich Cohen, NY Times Bestselling author. His latest book – THE FISH THAT ATE THE WHALE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAMUEL ZEMURRAY.

November 8
Jonathan Yardley, Pulitzer Prize winning book critic for The Washington Post and author of three books.

November 14
Ellyn Bache, award winning fiction writer and author of nine books. Her latest, THE ART OF SAYING GOODBYE.

December 5
Kim Boykin, author of THE WISDOM OF HAIR.

December 12
Bren McClain. Former broadcaster, owner McClain Communications, Inc., and award winning fiction writer. Tennessee.



11- 11:30 a.m. ET

MAY 11
Shari Stauch: Author, President/CEO Shark Marketing Co. Charleston, SC
Listen here.

MAY 25
Jackie Haugh: Mom, Realtor, Journalist, Caretaker, Dance Teacher and Memoir Author-“My Life in a TuTu.” You can order Jackie’s book through her website.Los Altos, CA
Listen here.

Joan Wester Anderson:
Guest appearance on Oprah, New York Times Bestseller of “Where Angels Walk: True Stories of Heavenly Visitors” – selling two million copies and translated into fourteen languages,Guidepost Magazine Blogger, and Author of 16 books, latest – “Angelic Tails.” Chicago, IL
Listen here.

Rena Romano:
Guest appearance on Oprah – 2009, Presentation and Skills Instructor, Speaking Coach, Center for Girls Mentor/Volunteer, and Author “His Puppet no More.” Fort Meyers, FL
Listen here.

Susan Bock:
Professional Speaker, Coach, Co-Author with Ken Blanchard, and Stephen Covey, “Discover Your Inner Strength.” Huntington Beach, CA
Listen here.

Trudy Harris:
Former President of Hospice Foundation for Caring and Hospice nurse, Guidepost Magazine Blogger, and Author, “Glimpses of Heaven” and “More Glimpses of Heaven.” Jacksonville, FL
Listen here.

Two Tiny Hands: Nonprofit organization providing help after the loss of a child. Burke, VA
Listen here.

Cathy Underhill Fitzpatrick: Former reporter, Feature Writer, and Author of “A Matter of Happenstance.” Wisconsin.
Listen here.

Palmeto Technology Hub: Provides technology support and resources to the South Carolina lowcountry not-for-profit community.  Charleston, SC
Listen here.

Julia Shopick: PR Consultant, Patient Advocate, and Author “Honest Medicine.” Oak Park, IL
Listen here.

Brenda McClain
: Former broadcaster, owner McClain Communications, Inc., and award winning fiction writer. Tennessee.
Listen here.

Kathy Murphy: Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Facilitator of Women’s groups and Retreats for Personal Growth, Author, “Your Possible Life.” Charleston, SC
Listen here.

Susan McCorkindale: Former Marketing Director for Family Circle and Popular Science, writes advertising copy on freelance basis, Mom, keeper of the farm, and Memoir Author – “Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl” and “500 Acres and No Place to Hide.” Upperville,VA
Listen here.

Jacqueline Maduneme:
Motivational Speaker, Educator, African Princess, Author “Ada’s Daughter.” Charleston, SC
Listen here.

Don English: Memoir Author, “Enlightenment of Evil.” CA
Listen here.

Edward Grinnan:
Editor-in Chief of Guideposts magazine, author “The Promise of Hope.” NY, NY

Listen here.

Jennet Robinson Alterman: Executive Director “Center 4 Women,” nonprofit.  Helping Women Succeed. Charleston, SC

Helen Valleau: Personal Empowerment Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Author “A Year of Possibilities.” Toronto, Canada

Barbara Burke: Writer, Multi-media Artist, Educator, Facilitator for the Hoffman Institute Canada, Illustrator and Author, I Am Divine cards – 52 affirmations cards with an accompanying book of meditations. Toronto, Canada.

Shelia Ellison:
Guest appearance on Oprah,Writer, Writing Coach, and Author “The Courage to be a Single Mother: Becoming Whole Again After Divorce.” CA
Listen here.

Ronda LaRue: Spiritual Teacher, President – Ojai Soul Arts retreat and artisan spa for the soul, rated as one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the U.S. and around the world, author “Remembering Who You Really Are,” and “The Art of Living Your Destiny.” CA
Listen here..

Nicki Durlester: Breast cancer survivor, and Memoir Author “Beyond the Pink Moon.” Los Angeles, CA
Listen here.

L.J. Martin: Author of 27 books, 2 x Cancer Survivor, Member of Society of Professional Journalist.  Rock Creek, Montana.

Nate & Sherry Smalls: Founder of Smalls Institute for Music and Leadership. Charleston, SC.
Listen here.

Louis Yuhasz: Founder of Louie’s Kids–advocating for early education to combat childhood obesity. Louis will discuss the “Yoga Marathon” to benefit Louie’s kids. Charleston, SC.
Listen here.


Mark Dodich: Past President Oregon Astrological Association, Certified Astrological Professional, “New Connexions Journal” Columnist, Certified Healer/Counselor, Interested in Esoteric Subjects. Portland, OR
Listen here.

Eric Maisel: Family Therapist, Cultural Observer, Creativity Coach, and Author of more than 30 books  including Ten Zen Seconds, Coaching the Artist Within, Creativity for Life, Creative Recovery, Fearless Creating and The Atheist’s. Walnut Creek, CA

Rick Curl:Memoir Author “Like 2 Peas.” Kansas City, MO
Susan Whitmore: Grief Haven Nonprofit.

River Jordan: Speaker, Radio Host and author of The Gin Girl, The Messenger of Magnolia Street, Saints in Limbo, The Miracle of Mercy Land, and Praying for Strangers, An Adventure of Human Spirit.
Listen here.

Naisha Ahsian: author of three books; The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge, The Infinite Abundance Program: A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness, and The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach (With Robert Simmons & Hazel Raven). She is the developer of the Socratic Subliminal technology and creator of the Crystal Resonance Therapy™ and Primus Activation Healing Technique™.
Listen here.

Joan Wester Anderson: Guest appearance on Oprah, New York Times Bestseller of “Where Angels Walk: True Stories of Heavenly Visitors” – selling two million copies and translated into fourteen languages,Guidepost Magazine Blogger, and Author of 16 books, latest – “Angelic Tails.” Chicago, IL
Listen here.

Signe Pike: Former Book Editor, and author “Faery Tale.” Charleston, SC
Listen here.

Laura Harris: Morning Anchor, ABC News 4, Charleston SC
Listen here.


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