To All My Radio Guests,

Your real life stories have inspired, educated, and empowered me and thousands of our listeners. Our hearts are richer because they’ve been touched by your insightful and courageous journeys. Each of YOU puts the ‘JOY’ in Joy Radio.

In Love and Light,

pattie welek hall

31 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Talking with Pattie was one of the highlights of my life. Her delightful, positive engery filled my senses with pure joy and her way of asking probing questions left me completely comfortable as I discussed not only my book, “My Life in a Tutu,” but my world as well.

    Anyone who gets the opportunity to be on her show will have the time of their lives. And, anyone who gets to know the geniune person behind the voice will discover they are truly blessed to now call this remarkable woman – friend.

    Jackie Haugh

  2. Joy Radio is just that – a joy to be on and to hear. Pattie is superb and is so passionate about her work.

    Try it just once – you’ll be hooked!

    Susan Bock
    Creatively transforming your thinking, your business and your life…
    Transformational Speaker and Coach

  3. It was truly a joy talking to Patty about my book, The Promise of Hope: How True Stories of Hope and Inspiration Saved My Life and How They Can Transform Yours. Her passion and insight guided the discussion in ways I’ll never forget. Thank you, Patty! -Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief, Guideposts Magazine

    Edward Grinnan

  4. Pattie Welek Hall is the embodiment of joy. It’s only right that her show is Joy Radio. It is how she lives her life and how she makes you feel when you are around her. And when she interviews you, between her and the laughing children, joy abounds. I loved being on her show. It was a gift to me. While my job is to uplift and empower others, that is what she did for me. She encouraged my work. She knew exactly what questions to ask to bring out what it is that I truly have to offer others. She fully engaged in the conversation and it felt like talking with a friend…which is what I consider Pattie, a heart friend. Thank you for being you and for the work that you do that allows the rest of us to shine.

    Kathy Murphy, author “Your Possible Life”

  5. What I love about Joy Radio and Pattie Welek Hall isn’t that she came up with a brilliant concept, or that she’s got REAL guests making a REAL difference in the world… All that’s great of course! But what I love is the time she takes, with each and every guest, to learn their stories, to let listeners in on their stories, and to conduct interviews that are both insightful AND joyful…

    Pattie and Joy Radio are rare gems – give them a listen and prepare to be INSPIRED! —

    Shari Stauch

  6. Joy Radio is a guiding light. Pattie Welek Hall uses her voice to uplift the human spirit. She is just that – a joy! Being on her show was invigorating. She knew just the right questions to ask, and this made for an amazing and engaging conversation. I felt like I was sitting in my living room talking to a close friend. Thank you Pattie for this experience!

    Jacqueline Maduneme, author “Ada’s Daughter”

  7. Pattie Welek Hall is one of the very best interviewers ever. She makes you feel as though you are sitting in her living room with a cup of tea. Her questions are relevant yet sensitive. When discussing the topic of terminal illness and death, as I do in both Glimpses of Heaven and More Glimpses of Heaven, one has to be very aware of the tenderness of the subject.She is an excellent listener and allows the stories to be told from the patient’s perspective, which in turn leaves the door open to questions from listeners, in a comfortable setting. My interview with her was a very enjoyable experience — like sitting with a friend.

    Trudy Harris

  8. It blew my mind when Pattie asked me a few weeks before the show what I wanted to say. Whoa! I told her I’d like to read some from my novel-in-progress, One Good Mama Bone. Like the true cheerleader she is, she said — Yes! The response to the show has been so great, it’s started me off on a whole new venture. Because of Pattie and Joy Radio, I got the idea to offer an audio blog of my reading from my novel on my website. Thanks, Pattie!

    If any of you have the opportunity to be on Joy Radio with Pattie, DO IT!
    Bren McClain

  9. We had a great experience with Pattie on Joy Radio. We often have the opportunity to express our thoughts in writing through our website, facebook, and newsletter, however the Joy Radio interview gave us a way to connect with our supporters through our voice a way we are not always able to communicate. We appreciate the opportunity this experience gave our organization.

  10. As a retired career journalist, I’ve known the value of advance preparation, organization, research, and story presentation that’s both accurate and interesting. I’ve seen how critical it is during interviews to ask insightful questions while putting the source at ease. Pattie Welek Hall has honed these professional skills, and her sparkling personality makes an appearance on her JOY talk radio program a pleasant, positive, and memorable experience.


  11. As a first time author and “a to be interviewed on the radio virgin” Pattie could not have been more encouraging. Her interviewing style should be a model for other talk show hosts. Her relaxing manner and the way she reached out to me during the interview helped me feel comfortable the whole time. I am fortunate my “first tme” was such a “joy”.

    Pattie is a true inspiration and joy herself! We need more like her. ” Send in the clones.”

    Don English

  12. Pattie was such a joy to talk to and Palmetto Technology Hub is so thankful to have been highlighted on her delightful show! You can tell she truly cares about what goes on in her community and takes the time to really delve into topics that she believes to be crucial knowledge for her listeners. Her show is such an asset to Charleston, especially Charleston’s growing nonprofit community. Her enthusiasm is contagious! We hope to appear again in the future. Thanks again for a great experience, Pattie!

    –Lindsey Stewart
    Program Coordinator at Palmetto Technology Hub

  13. Pattie inspired me to be inspired about myself! She has a way of infusing the interview, every questions and each answer with spirit, support and belief in the topic at hand. I’ve been interviewed over a hundred times and rarely do I feel heard or listened to. With Pattie, you can tell she’s actually listening, reflecting and thinking before she asks her next question. Bravo Pattie, keep up the good work.


  14. Thank you, Patti, for having me on your show. I appreciated the thoughtful questions you asked and the emotion and authenticity we shared. The highlight for me was having your sister, Margie, join us a surprise guest. I was immeasurably blessed to have met her 10 years ago when I participated in the 2001 Avon breast cancer walk from Santa Barbara to Malibu. Who knew back then that someday I would be a survivor? The universe works in mysterious ways.

    Thank you for showcasing my memoir, Beyond the Pink Moon. I hope my labor of love will continue to bring comfort to those who walk a similar path. I wish you continued good luck and success as you bring joy to your listeners. You made me stop and appreciate the joy in my life that comes from my faith, family, friends and of course being Italian, from food.

    Many blessings,
    Nicki Boscia Durlester

  15. Thanks so much to Pattie for offering her service to the world. She has an exceptional ability to bring important information out into the world in a way that is clear and easy for both the listener and the guest.
    In a rapidly changing world, it is important to have positive support to know that the world is evolving in a good way, in spite of the fears that can come up in mainstream media. Blessings to you Pattie.
    ~ Mark

  16. Awesome! That says it all about this amazing woman, Pattie Welek Hall. Thank you for the opportunity to spread our vision with the world. Your show was very relaxing, and you made us feel so comfortable and “free” to share; almost like we didn’t have any limits on time. Your joy is contagious. We wish to continue spreading love, life and joy with others and we thank you for being a part of our journey.

  17. It was a true pleasure to be on Joy radio. I enjoyed Patti and the way she really understands the human heart. What a wonderful surprise to find a show that is dedicated to the goodness of life and works to support the way our lives can be enriched by story.

    Thank you Patti for allowing me to spend time with you on the air!

    River Jordan

  18. I love Patti– her vivacity, joy and enthusiasm truly shine through! Being on Joy Radio was like sitting around with a cup of tea and a friend. Thanks for the opportunity to share my work with your listeners!

  19. Thank you for the obvious joy and passion you show in your life work on Joy Radio. You were so deeply present in our interview of my book and life work, that it powerfully expressed that which is often beyond words, and can only come through the heart. Thanks for the big heart that is you! ronda larue

  20. I’m still shaking my head; amazed at how targeted your questions were, pertaining to Confessions of a Corporate Slut. It takes a very special interviewer to get to the meat of the matter in an entertaining yet serious way. So I thank you for investing your time in me and my work and helping to spread the message to women of every ilk. Your joy is every bit as uninhibited as that beautiful laughter that begins and ends each broadcast. YOU are the inspiration…I’m humbled by it. May you always be surrounded by light and love.

  21. Thanks for having all of us, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful group of women writers. I hope together we can raise awareness for this very special and unique conference. Because it’s all about spreading the Joy, right?

  22. Always such a pleasure to be on your show, Pattie. And an honor. Your warmth radiates, Woman. Loved joining you and five other “strong” women on your show yesterday. I love that we are united by our love of the written word, Shari Stauch and New Orleans.

  23. Thank you Pattie for having us all on your show the other day. The universe blessed me immensely when it introduced me to all these inspiring women. We’ve created a bond like no other I’ve known in my life. See you in New Orleans!

  24. I had long been interested in the amazing potential of blog radio to reach out to those needing something, so it was a JOY to be asked by Patti to be on her Joy radio program after meeting her on several occasions. What makes such a great host like Patti is that it takes a lot more than just being good at questions. You have to genuinely CARE about your audience. I think Patti interviewed me with more than just a view of a good show but of a real opportunity to get her listeners valuable information that they really needed. Her questions reflected what she imagined her listeners would ask and as the result of being a good listener, she was a good “asker” as well. Even after the show when there were just a few callers online she continued with our discussion a good long while knowing that those people needed more guidance. That to me is the mark of a genuine and good person as well as a craftsman of the airwaves!

    Lily Herndon Weaks, President, The Fig & The Vine Publishing and Media

  25. What a privilege it was to be on JOY radio! Pattie is not only a gracious host but consciously chooses guests who align with her purpose of creating joy. Before my interview, Pattie made it very clear that this radio show was for me to share my joy, my life’s work with others. I was touched by Pattie’s genuine heart, that was so evident during my interview. As I shared my passion and commitment to mindful parenting, and helping parents find joy in their relationship with their children, it was evident that Pattie listened not only with her mind, but with her heart. She asked insightful questions and really took the time to hear the answers. Pattie is a beautiful gift to the world and I am so grateful for the opportunity to know her and be a part of her show.

  26. The opportunity to be interviewed and share my passion with Pattie on JOYradio has been a blessing. Pattie is natural talk show host, whose strong intuition made the interview process discussing the modality of The Emotion and The Body Code work, seamless and effortless. Thank you Pattie, you are a true gift!
    Brenda Lainof

  27. I am so grateful to have had my first ever live interview with someone as kind and generous as Pattie Welek Hall. Naturally I was terrified, but Pattie’s warmth and calm confidence made it an absolute JOY. Before the interview, Pattie was in frequent contact, making sure I comfortable and informed. Before long, our conversations felt more like those between old friends, rather than two people who had never met. And that same thoughtful, hospitable charm carried over into the interview. Pattie Welek Hall is the real deal. Her genuine JOY and love for others is unmistakeable. I’m so thankful to know her, and will continue to follow her wonderful JOYradio program.

  28. It was a treat working with Pattie–a relaxed and well-prepared professional who helped me to feel prepared and allowed me to tell my stories in all their dimensions. A real joy to work with. I am grateful.

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