Song of Light

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The rising sun calls my spirit. I answer. Captivated by her light, my arms spread outward. Then upward. We become one. She whispers. I listen. Then I write her song.






The light calls.

I beckon.

Shadows fall behind.

Time stops.

I remember.

Remember the call of the wind.

Remember the universal song of joy.

Remember I Am light. I Am love. I Am all that is.

Like a thousand marching bands, my brothers and sisters join me.

They too have shed their armor.

They too remember.

Hearts ignite.

Trillions of light particles merge.

Darkness drips from the canvas.

Trumpets blow.

Angels sing.

We awaken remembering our song…

The song of light.

We are home.



by Pattie Welek Hall


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