Oct 172013
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I will smile when I talk, listen, and perform all my duties throughout the day. Just feeling the corners of my mouth turn up, my cheeks lift and my eyes crinkles, makes me happy. Go ahead and show some teeth today and light up your world and others.








  4 Responses to “Just for Today…”

  1. Your smiles made me smile. :) It is contagious.

  2. Like this one.

  3. Hello Pattie,

    I am impressed by what I saw on your website. You are a
    fascinating individual whose gifts are many. You have a
    positive effect on those blessed to peruse your pages.
    Know that by sharing the beauty of who you are with
    others you inspire them to live their own dreams. Thank
    you for allowing us a glimpse into that which makes you
    authentic and unique. I wish you all the happiness life has
    to offer.

    May you dance your sacred dream as you live your truth and
    May the sunlight of your soul guide you to the light of a better

    Yours in Passionate Belief
    MicHEAL Teal
    The Ancient One

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